According to Chad Mauldin:

‘Google recently filed for a new patent, here, on technology to display ads in email. Some may disregard this, seeing as Google already displays ads inside of Gmail, but this is somewhat different. This is Adwords for email, essentially allowing anyone to place Adsense inside of their outgoing mail, specifically mentioned in the patent, newsletters.

What impact will this have? This will allow advertisers to target certain websites email newsletters, provide publishers on more avenue for revenue, and with that provide Google with an even broader reach. Imagine opening your yahoo/msn/hotmail/any mail account and seeing Google branding and ads.’

The more relevant questions are… how was this not going to happen eventually (I can definitely imagine seeing ads in my hotmail/yahoo/msn account), and are Google pretty much on course to dominate your entire online life? (… and maybe your physical world too?)

This might be well-timed though, considering Outlook 2007’s inability to show rotating gif’s/banner ads in email, Adsense might put money in advertiser’s pockets and see the banner ad go the way of the dodo.


This is likely old news by now, but newsworthy nonetheless. As reported by a recent Forrester Research study, a very healthy 97% of consumers now use email, and 94% of marketers are now using email as part of their larger marketing mix.

This is especially significant considering just 4 months ago studies were showing that only 81% of marketers were finally warming to email marketing and its obvious ROI and all-around cost-effectiveness.

As industries and their various players seem to be getting more tech-savvy and open to internet-related marketing and sales opportunities, email can and likely will play an increasingly important role in online marketing initiatives. Email continues to act as that crucial ‘link’ between a new user and a selling/marketing company, and thanks to the 97% of consumers now on email, utilizing this channel to the fullest is only common sense for the future.

One thing that will change? The (welcomed) movement away from ‘shotgun’ or ‘spray and pray’ email marketing (AKA broadcast email), and towards an advanced level of email: increased data segmentation, better consumer targeting, and more recipient relevance (AKA 1-to-1 email). Keeping it all relevant and targeted will only help marketers get the better open and CT rates they crave, whilst allowing consumers to actually receive something they want to receive.

Finally, it seems authenticated email and VEI (Visual Email Identification) might be making some headway. This is even better news for email marketers, coupled with the overwhelming stats above. Rolling out authenticated email will surely be the next large step (after CAN-SPAM) to alleviate some of the pressures that SPAM continually presents to permission-based email marketers.

I’ve since moved to the UK (hence the large gap between this and my last post) to be with the love of my life and fiancée. Officially, my new location is Brighton, East Sussex, UK, for the next 5 months at least. Leaving the online marketing job I had in Montreal for the past 4 years was tough but invigorating, and I’m now looking forward to seeing what the online and email worlds are like here in England. To experience it I have to find a job first though…