Yahoo and Microsoft might attempt Google takedown

May 8, 2007

According to the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo and Microsoft may be discussing a possible merger in a bid to take down the giant that is Google. According to MarketingVox:

“Microsoft’s online division is suffering from a failure to compete with Google on search. They recently missed an opportunity to acquire online advertising giant DoubleClick, which was quickly snapped up by its Goliathan competitor. The talks with Yahoo preclude a company on the verge of big change.”

It’s about time MSN realized that their search and Pay-per-click programs are no where near up to par with Google’s or Yahoo’s.  After using all three PPC programs for quite some time, the amount of times I became frustrated with MSN’s lack of features and simple lack of an intuitive interface always pointed to them resorting to other tactics to try and rule the PPC and search roost.  It didn’t take a genius to see something was up when we all noticed Overture powering search results on MSN search sites, including

Also according to MarketingVox:

“Microsoft may be poised to change its executive roster or consolidate some units. It may also decide to repartner with Yahoo. Yahoo briefly provided search and ad technology on Microsoft’s behalf through its product Yahoo Search Marketing, formerly Overture. The relationship ended last year when Microsoft released a competitive offering, Microsoft AdCenter.

Yahoo’s may depend on “Project Panama,” a delayed upgrade to their ad system. The model could reportedly use Microsoft’s technical expertise; in another potential arrangement, Microsoft could manage the back-end of both companies while Yahoo handles the consumer end.”


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