Been busy!

November 28, 2007

Since my last post I’ve:
•    Travelled to Qatar (Leisure only)
•    Got a new job in Brighton
•    Finished a website for a new client in Montreal
•    Worked like an obsessive mad doctor on a new website for CarbonGraffiti (5 versions in, still not happy).

My humble apologies to anyone who might have missed me.

My new job you ask?
I’m now the E-Marketing Manager at an international education company based in Brighton, UK.  So far, so good, and I’m already getting my hands dirty with Pay Per Click and SEO, with a full-scale email marketing program to come.

The client you ask?
Check out for the new version of their website.  VerifAction offers a pretty interesting solution – they offer full electronic reference checks for new, prospective employers.  Essentially, if you wanted to run any kind of background check on someone you want to employ, VerifAction have what you need.  Sound interesting?  Go check our their solutions page at

Obsessive Mad Doctor?
I’m at the same place I was about 2 months ago – no progress, just annoyances.  I can say that I’m upgrading to PHP and using as the content engine rather than the hosted version you’re reading now.  Stay tuned for the new CG version 4.1!